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Public Affairs, Public Relations, & Marketing
for Clean Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure
Wind Energy l Solar Energy l Transmission l Battery Storage
Green Hydrogen l Sustainable Infrastructure l Land Use
100% employee owned and operated, we are disciplined project managers, artful message developers, experienced storytellers, and advanced target shooters with a passion for renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. Our multi-talented team comes from a variety of backgrounds: politics, digital marketing, journalism, media, technology, environmental law, design, lobbying, and energy development to name a few. In our collective experiences, we’ve found what distinguishes a good agency from a great one is INTEGRITY.

Leveraging communications, we excel in helping navigate renewable energy projects from concept through fruition. Working with KAOH provides faster learning, improved decision making, and impactful outreach that helps tip scales toward project approvals. 

Our work is motivating in itself — if we don’t produce successful outcomes there is no longevity for us. Since 2014, our business has been built upon engaging communities, mobilizing supporters and delivering victories on behalf of a happy, growing, and very satisfied clientele. We value them, and they value us.
KAOH Media is dedicated to the well being of our team members. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion promoting a healthy work-life balance while adhering to the following pillars.
Being forthright in all dealings and offering value and integrity at all times.
Accepting consequences of our actions and practices while working to be in service of others and being good stewards of the environment.
Behaving just in evaluating both individual needs and corporate needs, avoiding manipulation in all forms.

Acknowledge basic human dignity in all people through efforts to communicate, understand, meet needs, and appreciate the contribution of others.
Create a spirit of openness in the practice of communication, constructive criticism, action, and disclosure.
Fulfill all legal, economic, philanthropic and societal responsibilities while working daily to better balance the ecology of our planet.

We Move
We build and shape
positive reputations.
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