Reaching Voters Online

  • AUTHOR: KAOH media
  • March 26, 2017
Reaching Voters Online

This year, KAOH media announced the launch of our new IP targeting solution.   Needless to say, we’re pleased with it as we sift through political client “thank you” emails for quick turnarounds and uncompromising quality for this past week’s primaries.

The solution’s highly accurate approach has allowed candidates to target specific households or businesses with relevant messages anywhere on the Internet.  One client/candidate, in fact, rose from 25% to 52% in the polls in nearly two weeks after deploying our IP ads.  I’m under confidentiality to share any more.

Rather than relying on the pre-set audience filters common in the online marketing industry, this IP targeting solution gives campaigners the capability to target known households by taking offline data and matching it to specific household or business IP addresses. The system then presents advertisements directly to individual computers in real time while eliminating non-human traffic and fraud.

The solution has proven to be 50-100x more targeted than television, 6-60x more effective than other online ads, and when coupled with direct mail campaigns, response rates continue to increase an average of 30%.  Targeting with this type of measurable precision is an absolute game-changer for reaching people online.  And when analyzing the most recent elections, has clearly helped deliver victories.

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